Our approach

We are the 60-year-old Consulting company providing Accounting, Taxation, Finance Consultancy, and other allied services.

As the new tax reforms like Excise and VAT getting introduced in Tabs2Tax, we intent to Leverage our expertise and support Entrepreneurs by providing best of Tax other allied consultancy in UAE and provide hand holding to cope up with Tax Laws.

Our Organization’s motto is “Client should never fail”. We stay attached to it by providing high quality services along with maintaining professional ethics. Our execution team are based in Dubai and India, which supports each other from knowledge sharing to ground level execution.

Client focus

We integrate our team with our clients business and help them make right decisions at each stage of their business growth. We are with our clients for the long term.

Culture of integrity

We have strong work ethics, focusing on openness and honest relationship with our clients.​

Main focus

We understand our clients’ business, anticipate their needs, and meet deadlines without sacrificing quality.​


We provide dedicated, professional, and highly skilled team to suit your business needs.​​


One to one interaction with our clients to understand their requirements and needs.​


We apply flexible fees according to the client’s needs, adapting to our client’s ever changing business goals, objectives, and budgets.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Tabs2Tax office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Since joining Tabs2Tax in 1998, Alice has developed extensive experience in large-scale transformation and strategy work, often in connection with mergers.

Adam Buschemi
Global Leader and Client Team Chair, Broad Burk

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