Business Valuation Services

Business Valuation Services

Value of any business decides its future strategies and goals. All stakeholders of your company, be it investors, suppliers or vendors, creditors, employees and clients decide their association with the business based on Company’s image and goodwill, which will be ultimately used to derive the valuation or net worth of company.

At the time of business restructuring in the form of mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers also, business valuation plays a crucial role. Valuation of the company forms a base for negotiation in such scenario. Also in case of liquidation, raising funds, or exit strategies business valuation holds a key role.

Business valuation refers to the process of determining the current worth of a company and there are many techniques used to determine value.The key drivers of business valuation are assets, liabilities, income, management, and location of the company, market size, number of customers, internal and external risk, vision of management to drive the organization etc.

Business valuation Process

  • Gather full knowledge of the business
  • Perform financial analysis
  • Prepare the future projections and due-diligence of past financials
  • Choose any one approach for valuation
  • Do valuation adjustments and arrive at conclusion
  • Present findings in a report.

We provide independent business valuation services in UK for varied purposes like:

  • Merger or Acquisition,
  • Joint venture,
  • Fund raising through Equity dilution,
  • Investment decisions,
  • Valuing intangible assets including brand valuation and goodwill
  • For dispute and litigation support.

We as the financial consultant in UK provide Business Valuation services from startups, SME, MSME to conglomerate companies. Be whatever your aim, we provide customized realistic solution to execute your aim & vision in best manner.

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